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  • Samuel P. Barber.

    Since 1990. With Professional Experiences

Samuel P. Barber.

The only way to survive is to adapt. I have spent years developing my skills as a Full-Stack Designer an Illustrator a Graphic Designer a UX/UI Architect a 3D Artist a Sequential Artist I love working in any creative field and have been successful because of my skills, my willingness to learn and work ethic.

ExperienceI have spent over 15 years working in all types of design situations utilizing various types of tools.

SkillsI have used all types of digital and traditional tools to be successful at finishing projects successfully.

MercenaryWhen hired, I design to your needs not mine.

My Experiences & Skills!

I have no fear to take on any design challenge a client may have. Design has a job to do, to work for the client.
I believe that every detail matters and that everything you see and don't see should have a meaning.

Graphic Design
Front-End Design
Adobe CC Complete
Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite

What Do I Do?

  • Full-Stack Designer

    "Someone who can single-handedly tackle every layer of a design project". From sketch to finished product, I can take your project
    to finished rendering, to printed piece or to a responsive website and all points in between.


    Print media to web design, deliverables that help you organize your content in the best way. I utilize the latest software as well as other tools to stay current in the various areas of art and design.


    In traditional and digital media, you have to be able to separate yourself from the crowd. I work very hard to make sure
    my work gives you the focus you need.

  • Artist

    Sketch Artist, Illustrator, Painter, Comic Book Artist, Storyboard Artist, 3D Modeller, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Video Graphics, SFX/Editing, Print Designer, Graphic Designer, Branding Designer, Environmental Designer,
    UI/UX Designer, UX Architect, Front-End Web Designer Full-Stack Designer.


Illustration & design.

Traditional art and classical artist have always influenced every aspect of my design career.


Logo design to web design, Branding has always been an important part of my skill set.

Creative Full-Stack Designer

Samuel P. Barber ...

It's About You.

When hired, I work for you. My skills work for you. My experience works for you.
And when the project is finished, the designs have to continue to work for you.


I work very hard to interpret your needs into a design that stands apart from the rest.


Concepts to finished deliverable, it's very important to me that your project is successful


If your needs call for skills outside my current area, I will work to learn what is needed for a successful finish to your project.


I am current on Adobe and Autodesk software. As well as a number of other independent software design solutions.


My influences in my digital work comes from my love of traditional media. Pencil/markers/paint and paper.


I use multiple digital tools to move ideas to finished renderings and final deliverables.


  • Planning and Designing Projects

    Do You Want To Know How I Do My Job? Actually, I Do What I Love and I Love Visually Realizing An Idea. This is The Basic Principle in My Studio...

  • Full-Stack Designer

    Being a Full-Stack Designer means I need to be able to handle a project for a client from start to finish. That's where my experience comes to bare. And where not being afraid to learn has helped me be successful.

  • Your Success = My Success

    I work for you, my reputation and success is solely dependent on the success of our project together. I believe our successful relationship is based on real expectations, trust and a good sense of humour.

Traditional Digital Work.

A small sampling of my work is viewable below. Out of respect to various accounts, I will not post all of my work online, however a full portfolio is available upon request.

Contact Say Hi To Me.

Networking is just as important as anything else in design. Potential clients, fellow designers and artist, feel free to contact me today!

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Madison, WI 53711

Call Me: 678.314.2802

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